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Laryngoscope Blade System

Designed by EMS professionals with real-life street experience. The BriteView® Disposable Laryngoscope blade provides a no flex blade, a bright light and is color-coded for instant size recognition. Stainless steel construction means you do not have to compromise strength and reliability for the cleaning and maintenance-free benefits of a single patient use LED laryngoscope blade.

The unique color-coded heel makes it a snap to select the correct size blade for the job at hand. The blade sizes are also etched on the side of the blade in a large format for easy selection when placed on an instrument tray. The innovative package graphics are large and clear for easy identification in an emergency airway bag, under low-light condition or when restocking your vehicle’s inventory. If you want a disposable blade that will not flex, will not break off the handle and will provide a bright reliable light source, then select the BriteView Blade System.

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BRITEVIEW® Features and Benefits

Prevents Flexing Or Breaking Under Stress!

For Instant Size Recognition, Even In Low Light Conditions!

Prevents Cross Contamination And Saves Disinfection Time And Money For Cleaning Supplies!

Gives Maximum Visibility And Clarity!

Even With Gloves On, The BriteView Tear Pack Is Designed To Open Quickly. No Fumbling When Seconds Count!

Precision Fit With A Secure Ball-Bearing Connection. No-Flex, No Breakage!

Full Range Of Mac and Miller Sizes Are Available For the BriteView. Take A Peak At Our GrandView For A One-Size-Fits All Solution!

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