As a supplier of emergency medical devices to EMS teams around the globe for over 30 years, we’ve learned about the utilization of our products in emergency trauma. When we consider sports medicine environments, some games are more prone to lower extremities; ankle, foot, and knee. At the same time, others necessitate upper extremities with shoulder, arm, and much more. Add neck, hip, or pelvis injuries into the mix, and you have a relatively large assortment of potential needs.

When considering the stabilization and immobilization of an injury site, and based on human anatomy, Hartwell Medical extremity splints come in small, medium, and large configurations. These three sizes cover the vast majority of the human anatomy in their design sizing, even for taller athletes. 


EVAC-U-SPLINT Large Leg Splint

Hartwell Medical EVAC-U-SPLINT® provides a sports medicine solution for almost every conceivable splinting situation, from dislocated shoulders to angulated wrist fractures. Vacuum technology reduces the potential for nerve, tissue, and vessel damage. You can transport your patient to the hospital while other emergency personnel are still bending, padding, and struggling to apply traditional fixation splints. The number of uses for the EVAC-U-SPLINT is limited only by the athletic trainer’s or team doctor’s creativity. The Made in the USA EVAC-U-SPLINT is a long-lasting, incredibly durable design. Learn More

The affordable, semi-disposable FASPLINT is a perfect, budget-friendly alternative for athletic trainers and sports teams. This semi-disposable vacuum splint is also ideal for a messy injury or when equipment retrieval is complex. FASPLINT can be disinfected and reused. Learn More

FASPLINT Large Extremity Splint