BriteView® Color-Coded Disposable LED Laryngoscope Blades


Designed by EMS professionals with real-life street experience. The affordable, always reliable BriteView® Disposable Laryngoscope blade provides a no flex blade, a bright LED light, and is color-coded for instant size recognition, saving valuable time on-scene. Stainless steel construction means you do not have to compromise strength and reliability for the maintenance-free benefits of a single patient use LED laryngoscope blade. The unique color-coded ball-bearing heel makes it a snap to select the correct size blade for the job at hand. The blade sizes are also etched on the side of the blade in a large format for easy selection [...]

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BioHoop® — How to keep a vomit comet under control


BioHoop® — The Made in USA BioHoop is a versatile and leak-proof bag that solves your waste containment needs and much, much more. Featuring the largest opening of any compact collection bag, the BioHoop makes your job easier and reduces your clean-up time. Some innovative features include a semi-rigid rim keeping the bag wide open while providing a large target for the patient. The BioHoop is sized at 8" x 13-3/4" deep and holds up to 3 liters. The BioHoop includes long, protective cuffs on each side that protect your hands from fluids. A cinchable strap allows instant closure with [...]

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FASPLINT Semi Disposable Vacuum Splint


The Hartwell Medical FASPLINT® uses vacuum technology just like our EVAC-U-SPLINT® extremity splints. From dislocated shoulders to angulated wrist fractures, simply place it around the injured area, evacuate the air, and you're done! If equipment retrieval is a factor facing your department, then the FASPLINT is ideal. With as little as six uses before being discarded, the cost is less than $4.95 per use for the medium-size FASPLINT. In addition to extremity splinting, the FASPLINT can function as a great pediatric immobilizer. A medium size FASPLINT can be formed into a full body vacuum splint for an infant. A large [...]

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CombiCarrierII Versus Knockoff Scoop Stretcher Extrication Board


Beware of Cheap Immitations The CombiCarrierII® functions as a scoop-type stretcher minimizing patient movement with no logrolling required and also serves as an improved extrication board during vehicle extrication situations. The CombiCarrierII meets the latest Spinal Motion Restriction protocols providing optimal patient handling in the most extreme environments including water rescue.  The concave patient surface limits lateral movement of the victim providing more secure stabilization. The split-litter design also allows for easy removal once the patient is on the ambulance cot or delivered to the emergency department. Built to take a beating, many of the original units are still in operation with [...]

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