BioHoop® — The Made in USA BioHoop is a versatile and leak-proof bag that solves your waste containment needs and much, much more. Featuring the largest opening of any compact collection bag, the BioHoop makes your job easier and reduces your clean-up time. Some innovative features include a semi-rigid rim keeping the bag wide open while providing a large target for the patient. The BioHoop is sized at 8″ x 13-3/4″ deep and holds up to 3 liters.

The BioHoop includes long, protective cuffs on each side that protect your hands from fluids. A cinchable strap allows instant closure with a quick pull, eliminating spills and odor. An important feature is a unique hook enabling the bag to hang within easy reach on ambulance cot rails, hospital beds, and wheelchairs, or it can be attached to a patient’s clothes to ensure no personal items like jewelry, cellphones, eyeglasses, etc. are left behind in your medic unit in the pre-dawn hours.


BioHoop with and without hook

A clear front with graduated markings makes it easy for hospital personnel to examine the contents. The multi-purpose BioHoop is perfect for safely collecting emesis, urine, soiled dressings, and any contaminated on-scene equipment, like laryngoscope blades or airway management products. Additionally, it’s tamper-resistant, making it ideal for securing patient belongings such as jewelry, watches, cell phones, or scene evidence.

The BioHoop is American made and is a collaborative production effort between Hartwell Medical and local organizations providing employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. Available in dozen packs with or without hook or by the 40-pack case. For ordering and pricing details, please contact your local EMS dealer representative.

If you would like more information on where to purchase, please contact our customer service department at [email protected]