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Hartwell Medical SureVent® FlowMaster™ MCI Kit

A Complete Solution to Ventilation and Oxygen Support. The SUREVENT® FlowMaster™ MCI Kit offers the ultimate in ease of use, versatility and utility. Matched with Emergency Automatic Resuscitators (not included) the FlowMaster MCI Kit provides a truly complete and cost effective mass casualty automatic ventilation system. Each kit provides a single staging point for up to 7 patients. Individual controls on each of the seven patient oxygen outlets allow flow adjustments from 0 to 25 LPM to accommodate the unique needs of each patient as well as to allow both air-mix and 100% oxygen devices to be connected to the manifold at the same time. An in-line pressure gauge allows the operator to monitor and assure proper oxygen supply working pressure at all times.

The SUREVENT FlowMaster MCI Kit may also be used as an oxygen therapy station for fireground rehabilitation and multiple patient applications using oxygen masks, cannulas, nebulizers and many other oxygen powered devices. One flow controller is detachable to provide a male DISS check valve outlet for connecting other oxygen powered devices.* The rugged manifold is mounted on an aluminum base that stores the 20 ft. oxygen supply hose, all contained in a secure, waterproof case that leaves plenty of room for storing Emergency Automatic Resuscitators, oxygen masks, cannulas, or other oxygen therapy accessories. A laminated instruction placard with a seven patient management system on the back and a waterproof marking pencil are included, as well as a supplemental laminated flow guide. The case can be stored compactly and is well marked for easy identification.

*Maximum manifold flow limitations (150 LPM at 50 psig) must be observed for accuracy.

Model Number Description
SV 1530 SUREVENT® FlowMaster™ MCI Kit with 7 Outlet Manifold Unit, Pressure Gauge and 0-25 LPM Adjustable Flowmeters, 20’ Oxygen Supply Hose with DISS fittings and Laminated Patient Log Placard (DOES NOT include Automatic Resuscitator units SV 2131-B or SV 2131-10B ) See order form for details
SV 2131-B Automatic Resuscitator with Manometer (Sold as 4 units per case) Single patient use only
SV 2131-10B Automatic Resuscitator with Manometer (Sold as 10 units per case) Single patient use only
Order Form DOWNLOAD: SUREVENT FlowMaster MCI Kit and Automatic Resuscitator with Manometer Order Form

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SUREVENT® FLowMaster MCI Kit Features and Benefits

The SUREVENT FlowMaster MCI Kit is designed for multi-patient emergency respiratory care.

Hartwell Medical SureVent® MCI Kit are particularly suited to surge situations when mass casuality events happen or available ICU rooms run out and alternative patient treatment areas are set up to provide acute healthcare.

Brick and mortar hospitals are plumbed for oxygen delivery to nearly every room much like electrical outlets. SureVent MCI Kits can be set up in alternative surge patient care areas running a mix of seven oxygen delivery devices at once.

The uniquely designed manifold with each SureVent MCI kit can support nasal cannulas, gas powered CPAP or ventilators. The kits can be supplied from portable medical air compressors, gas cylinders or oxygen generators.

The SUREVENT™ FlowMaster® MCI Kit stores in a rugged, incredibly durable hard case. Instructional operation details are includes and the manifold base stores up to 20 feet of oxygen hose.

Disposable automatic resuscitator emergency transport ventilators with entrainment sold separately and as replacements. Please see ordering details for how to purchase.

The SUREVENT® FlowMaster™ MCI Kit features adjustable flow control outlets to conserve oxygen and provide ultimate versatility!

SUREVENT FlowMaster MCI Kit Video Demonstration – Coming Soon!

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