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surevent flowmaster MCI Kit

SUREVENT® FlowMaster MCI Kits
Complete and Cost-Effective Automatic Ventilation

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The FlowMaster™ MCI Kit provides a truly complete and cost-effective mass casualty automatic ventilation system. The kit provides a single staging point for up to 7 patients. Individual controls on each of the seven patient oxygen outlets allow flow adjustments from 0 to 25 LPM to accommodate the unique needs of each patient as well as to allow a combination of both air-mix and 100% oxygen devices to be connected to the FlowMaster manifold at the same time.

  • Provides a Single Staging Point for up to 7 Patients
  • Sturdy Base Stores 20 Feet of Oxygen Hose
  • Watertight, Protective Hard Case
  • Ideal for Mass Casualty Incidents and Disaster Management
  • 7 individually-adjustable flow control outlets
  • Instructional placard mounted in lid serves as on-scene patient log
  • Can hold 10 Automatic Resuscitators or a combination of face masks and nasal cannulas