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Grandview Laryngoscope Blades

Disposable, reliable single use design. Unique design has been shown to increase your success rate. See the cords on your first attempt.

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Ordering Information

Model Number Description
GV 2020A-DS GRANDVIEW Adult DISPOSABLE Laryngoscope Blade (Box of 10)
GV 2020A DISCONTINUED: GRANDVIEW® Reusable Adult Laryngoscope Blade*
GV 2020C DISCONTINUED: GRANDVIEW® Reusable Child Laryngoscope Blade*
GV 1001 Laryngoscope Handle, Standard – Small (2 – AA batteries)
GV 1002 Laryngoscope Handle, Standard – Medium (2 – C batteries)
GV 1008 GRANDVIEW Replacement Lamp - Super Bright Parabolic (Package of 5)
*Unfortunately, reusable GRANDVIEW blades are no longer available due to declining demand and COVID-19 issues. The disposable GRANDVIEW blade is available and is in stock.