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Evac-u-splint Mattress

EVAC-U-SPLINT® Vacuum Mattress
Designed to address both Adult and Pediatric patients

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EVAC-U-SPLINT Vacuum Mattress Testimonials
(Click on the stars for the complete testimonial.)

Lt. Colonel M. H. Kefford
The British Services Everest Expedition

...proved durable, easy to use and an excellent addition to our emergency stores.”

Telluride Ski Patrol
Norm Gray, Telluride Ski Patrol
Telluride, CO

"We fully endorse and have great confidence in their (mattress) use in the treatment of back and hip injuries in both ski area and back country rescue."

Brian Zachariah, MD, Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

"... in many ways its (mattress) use is superior to immobilization with a standard wooden spine board."

Janet Scott
Janet Scott, Prichard Volunteer Fire Department
Prichard, WV

"Everyone who sees this (mattress) product in use is amazed."

Chuck Rockyvich
Chuck Rockyvich, Phoenix Fire Department
Phoenix, AZ

"An added benefit is that because the device (pediatric mattress) is comfortable, the anxiety level of the child remains constant or is even reduced after immobilization."