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EVAC-U-SPLINT® Extremity Splints
Fast, Effective & Comfortable Vacuum Splints

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Ordering Information

Model Number Description
EV 3000 EVAC-U-SPLINT® Extremity Splint Set,
(Small, Medium and Large Splints, Compact Pump, Carry Case)
EV 3000SR EVAC-U-SPLINT Extremity Splint Set,
(Same as EV3000 with Side Release Buckle Straps)
EVS 9075-6C EVAC-U-SPLINT System
(3 Splint Set, Adult Vacuum Mattress, Both Carry Cases, and Standard & Compact Pumps)
EV 12C Compact Vacuum Pump – Aluminum
EV 101 EVAC-U-SPLINT Small Extremity Splint
EV 101SR EVAC-U-SPLINT Small Extremity Splint with Side Release Buckle Straps
EV 102 EVAC-U-SPLINT Medium Extremity Splint
EV 102SR EVAC-U-SPLINT Medium Extremity Splint with Side Release Buckle Straps
EV 103 EVAC-U-SPLINT Large Extremity Splint
EV 103SR EVAC-U-SPLINT Large Extremity Splint with Side Release Buckle Straps
EV 14 EVAC-U-SPLINT Carry Case
EV 15P MaxiValve™ Replacement Kit (3 valves, 3 leashed caps, 3 hose clamps)
EV 15PSA MaxiValve Portable Suction Adapter
(Enables suction tubing from a portable or wall-mounted suction device to be connected to MaxiValve on an EVAC-U-SPLINT, FASPLINT FULLBODY® or FASPLINT HALFBACK®)
EV 15RET MaxiValve Retrofit Kit for Older EVAC-U-SPLINTs (Pre 1996)
(3 valves, 3 leashed caps, 3 hose clamps, 1 female coupling, 1 pump label)

EV 15OR MaxiValve Replacement O-rings (Pkg. of 10) (Small O-ring for male valve part)