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The Next Generation Scoop/Backboard

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CombiCarrierII Testimonials
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Gregg March, Lake Villa Rescue
Lake Villa, IL

"The CombiCarrier(s) are remarkable improvements over the traditional aluminum scoop stretcher devices..."

Ronald C. Gee, Immediate Care Unit
East Sussex, UK

"To date, staff have found it (the CombiCarrier) very user-friendly and no patient has found it uncomfortable."

M. Rickenbach, MedLife S.A.

"...even with unexperienced people he was able to install the patient onto the CombiCarrier with ease and very little added pain and discomfort to the patient."

Ken Gustafson, Bellingham FD
Bellingham, WA

"By switching to the CombiCarrier, we are able to have three spine boards when needed, without giving up the use of a clam type stretcher."