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Over the past two decades we have seen significant technological advances in the emergency care industry and are proud to have played a key role in the research and development of improved patient care equipment and techniques.

Clinical Data
EVAC-U-SPLINT® Clinical Data

The Effect of Spinal Immobilization on Healthy Volunteers
Reprinted from the Annals of Emergency Medicine
the effect of spinal immobilization on healthy workers


A comparison of the spinal board and the vacuum stretcher, spinal stability and interface pressure
M. E. Lovell and J.H. Evans
spinal board comparrison


Comparison of a Vacuum Splint Device to a Rigid Backboard for Spinal Immobilization
David R. Johnson, MD and Mark Havswald, MD
rigid board comparrison


Automatic Resuscitator Clinical Data

RespirTech PRO Clinical Reference
Otto G. Raabe, Ph.D and Marico Romano, RCP
Respirtech Pro


Preliminary Evaluation of a Lightweight, Disposable Emergency Transport Ventilator in the Aeromedical Setting
Michael Rossini, MD and Barry Hickerson EMT-P
Emergency Transport Ventilator


Oxygen Flow Usage & Tidal Volume Chart
Oxygen Flow Usage