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briteview disposble laryngoscope blade briteview laryngoscope blade briteview blades briteview blades

BriteView Color Coded Laryngoscope Blades
briteview laryngoscope blades

Color-Coded Disposable LED Laryngoscope Blades

briteview laryngsocope bladesdisposable laryngoscope bladesbriteview bladesbriteview care and maintenance

Designed by EMS professionals with real-life street experience, BriteView® Laryngoscope LED Blades are strong, crafted with a brilliant light source and color coded for instant size recognition. Don’t spend extra time and money cleaning and disinfecting your blades. Disposable stainless steel means you don’t have to compromise strength and reliability for the benefits of a maintenance-free, single-patient use blade.

  • Stainless steel from tip to heel prevents flexing or breaking under stress
  • Color coded for instant size recognition
  • Prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning costs
  • Super bright LED light gives maximum visibility
  • Tear-pack is easy to open with gloves on
  • Fits all standard handles
  • Available in both Mac and Miller styles