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BriteGrip Disposable Laryngoscope Handle

Lightweight Disposable Laryngoscope Handle

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The lightweight Hartwell Medical, single-use disposable laryngoscope handle provides the performance and power of a reusable. This innovative handle offers numerous advantages to substantially reduce the potential for cross-contamination known to exist with reusable devices. Plus, you’ll save valuable time and hassle never needing to sterilize and inspect your handles again.

Made from high-quality materials and a sturdy construction insures reliability in the most adverse conditions. An ideal companion product to BRITEVIEW® and GRANDVIEW® laryngoscope blades.

  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Batteries Included, Ready To Go!
  • Prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning costs
  • Single-Use Design & Disposable
  • Eliminates Equipment Sterilization
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Powerful, Reliable and Recyclable
  • Tear-pack is easy to open with gloves on
  • Fits all standard handles
  • Compatible With Standard Blades That Conform To ASTM (F965) And ISO (7376-1)