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Multi-use Emesis/Collection Bag
Sample uses of the BioHoop Bag


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Biohoop Emesis BagThe BioHoop® multi-purpose collection bag has the largest opening of any collection bag!  The semi-rigid rim keeps the bag wide open, providing a large target for the patient that will not collapse in use.  Cinchable strap allows instant closure with just a quick pull, eliminating spills and odor.  The molded hook allows the bag to hang within easy reach on ambulance cot rails, grab rails, hospital beds or wheelchairs.  A clear front panel with graduated markings makes it easy for hospital personnel to examine contents. This sturdy, tamper resistant bag is perfect for emesis, urine, blood spills, soiled dressings, patient belongings like jewelry and cell phones, evidence and other waste material.  Latex free. It’s the versatile, leakproof bag that solves your waste containment needs and more.

  • Semi-rigid rim instantly provides a large target, then zips shut with a quick pull of the strap
  • Long, protective cuff on both sides protects your hands from fluids
  • Large 8” x 13-3/4” bag with volume measurement markings holds up to 3 liters
  • Unique design enables many varied uses from emesis containment to securing contaminated laryngoscope blades at a cardiac arrest scene
  • The patient’s personal items can be secured in the bag and attached to their clothes with the clip integrated into the molded hook to insure nothing is lost
  • Folds flat, accordion style, for compact storage in an airway kit, trauma bag, fanny pack or underneath the cot pillow for immediate access
  • Available in two styles - with or without the multi-purpose hook/clip

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