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GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade
"Utilizing the new GRANDVIEW Blades...our success rate has increased from 72% to 95%!" - Steve Huffman, Ripon Fire Department

The Tongue Tamer

The GRANDVIEW combines a brilliant light source with a wider field of view to improve direct visualization of the cords and help you increase your intubation success rate. Give the GRANDVIEW Blade a try and judge for yourself. We think you will agree that this innovative product is truly a better intubation device.

  • 80% wider blade surface keeps the tongue out of the way and reduces the need to reposition the blade

  • Universal sizing means 2 sizes fit the majority of all patients encountered in the field.

  • (Adult blade = 165mm in length, Child size = 120mm in length)
  • Disposable, single-patient use version available in Adult size

  • Super-bright lamp provides more light than standard bulbs

  • Fits all standard handles

  • Surgical grade stainless steel provides strength and durability

  • Gold tip provides a visible reference point to reduce blade manipulation

Product Sheet

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Ordering Information

Model Number Description Packaging
GV 2020A Adult Laryngoscope Blade
GV 2020A-DS Adult DISPOSABLE Laryngoscope Blade Box of 10
GV 2020C Child Laryngoscope Blade
GV 1001 Laryngoscope Handle, Standard - Small
GV 1002 Laryngoscope Handle, Standard - Medium
GV 1008 GRANDVIEW Replacement Lamp - Super Bright Parabolic 5 per package

Care and Maintenance

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Steve Huffman
Ripon Fire Department
Ripon, CA

"Utilizing the new GRANDVIEW Blades...(o)ur success rate has increased from 72% to 95%!"

Gregg March
Lake Villa Rescue
Lake Villa, IL

"...Grandview laryngoscope blades have quickly become our first-line laryngoscope device."

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