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“...proved durable, easy to use and an excellent addition to our emergency stores.” - Lt. Colonel M. H. Kefford
The British Services Everest Expedition

Adult and Pediatric Vacuum Mattresses

The EVAC-U-SPLINT Adult and Pediatric vacuum mattresses provide fast, effective and comfortable immobilization for the entire patient. Molding to the specific contours of the patient's body without applying pressure, vacuum mattresses reduce pressure point tenderness. The Pediatric Mattress holds a child securely and comfortably, which can reduce their anxiety during transport. And both mattresses are filled with thousands of polystyrene beads, which act as a thermal insulator to help maintain the patient's core body temperature.

  • Easy to use, fast and comfortable

  • Molds to exact shape of the patient’s body to immobilize and support

  • X-Ray and MRI compatible

  • Durable manual pump evacuates mattress in less than 25 seconds

  • Excellent companion to the CombiCarrierII to further increase patient comfort during transport

Product Sheet

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Ordering Information

Model Number Description
MT 1075-6 Adult Mattress Only
MT 3075-6 Adult Mattress Set (Mattress, Standard Pump and Carry Case)
MT 3075-6BP Adult Mattress Set (Mattress, Standard Pump and Backpack-Style Carry Case)
EVS 9075-6C EVAC-U-SPLINT System (3 Splint Set, Adult Vacuum Mattress, Both Carry Cases, and Standard & Compact Pumps)
MT 12 Standard Vacuum Pump (with foot stirrup)
MT 13 Mattress Patient Restraint Strap (Old Style Swivel Buckles)
MT 13A Mattress Patient Restraint Strap (Side Release Buckles)
MT 14 Adult Mattress Carry Case
MT 14BP Adult Mattress Carry Case - Backpack Style
PD 1000 Pediatric Mattress Only
PD 1500 Pediatric Mattress Set (Mattress, Carry Case) NO PUMP
PD 3000 Pediatric Mattress Set (Mattress, Standard Pump, and Carry Case)
PD 14 Pediatric Mattress Carry Case

Application Guidelines
Adult Mattress

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Application Guidelines
Pediatric Mattress

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Application Guidelines
Adult Mattress Video

Application Guidelines
Pediatric Mattress Video

Care and Maintenance

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Maintenance Guidelines Video

Repair Directions Video


Clinical Data

The Effect of Spinal Immobilization on
Healthy Volunteers

Reprinted from the Annals of Emergency Medicine

A comparison of the spinal board and the vacuum stretcher,
spinal stability and interface pressure

M. E. Lovell and J.H. Evans

Comparison of a Vacuum Splint Device to a Rigid Backboard for Spinal Immobilization

David R. Johnson,MD and Mark Havswald, MD


Lt. Colonel M. H. Kefford
The British Services Everest Expedition

...proved durable, easy to use and an excellent addition to our emergency stores.”

Norm Gray
Telluride Ski Patrol
Telluride, CO

"We fully endorse and have great confidence in their (mattress) use in the treatment of back and hip injuries in both ski area and back country rescue."

Brian Zachariah, MD
Southwestern Medical Center
Dallas, TX

"... in many ways its (mattress) use is superior to immobilization with a standard wooden spine board."

Janet Scott
Prichard Volunteer
Fire Department

Prichard, WV

"Everyone who sees this (mattress) product in use is amazed."

Chuck Rockyvich
Phoenix Fire Department
Phoenix, AZ

"An added benefit is that because the device (pediatric mattress) is comfortable, the anxiety level of the child remains constant or is even reduced after immobilization."

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